Buddies was set up to support adults with disabilities (primarily learning) to live the lives that they want to by helping them to achieve their personal goals and outcomes.
Buddies was created by listening to the views and needs that people with disabilities said they had.
Instead of providing a service that WE think adults with disabilities want, we are giving them a voice to say what THEY want.

We have gained the support and input from other service providers but we are an independent charity and have no affiliation to any other organisation.

So, why choose the Buddies' experience?
The term "Buddies" has a double meaning. It was thought of by a group of people with disabilities who understood the word to mean "friends". These same disabled adults told us that they want a safe, permanent and friendly environment where they can become more independent and make and keep their friendships.

The meaning of "Buddies" for us is that we can provide a programme of activities and a mentoring service through the appointment of quality staff and volunteers acting as buddies to the members of the club.

Who are we?
We are a local social enterprise that provides activities, support and opportunities for adults with disabilities (primarily learning) in Dumfries and the surrounding area.

Our aim
Our aim is to support adults with disabilities to live their lives as independently and autonomously as possible. We want to give them the choices to help them achieve their desired outcomes and goals whether they are social, educational or personal.

We deliver this by:
- Working creatively to meet the desired outcomes for our members
- Providing a quality service that meets the needs of the members of Buddies
- Helping to enhance social skills and encourage interaction and contribution to the local community

Our value is: Respect the individual and his/her wishes